Montage Film Reviews (mfr) currently has one audio podcast: the Sunday DVD Rental Suggestion (SDRSPodcast), launched in 2010. These are organised them into individual albums Year 7, Year 6, Year 5, Year 4, Year 3, Year 2, Year 1.

The premise for this is that Sunday evening is the time for what currently would be called Netflix and chill. As Monday is the beginning of the working week the night before is not one for hitting the town.

Initially, the podcast ran from the first Sunday in September to the last Sunday in May each year but was subsequently changed to cover the entire year. However, it has taken a couple of sabbaticals.

The SDRSPodcast is designed to help you discover the best films and TV shows to rent (or buy) regardless of your genre preference. Never again will you be disappointed by your rental choices. If a title is suggested by this podcast, it is safe to say that it stands head and shoulders above the rest. Those that are considered by mfr to be perfect in every way (script, cast, soundtrack etc.) are listed as being Masterpiece Editions. Those films that are sourced from literature are Adapted for Film (AFF) editions. Each podcast episode is clearly labelled as such along with our core theme definitions: TV show box sets (TV), Animation, Vintage and World Cinema (WC).

You will also find SDRSPodcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Pandora, Amazon Podcasts and Spotify.