Sunday DVD Rental Suggestion (SDRSPodcast) 12: Shoah

Year 1
Host: Chetrinity

Main Cast: Richard Glazar, Raul Hilberg, Filip Müller, Mordechaï Podchlebnik, Simon Srebrnik, Rudolf Vrba
Director: Claude Lanzmann
Cinematography: Dominique Chapuis, Jimmy Glasberg, Phil Gries, William Lubtchansky
Screenplay by: N/A
Musical Score: N/A
Year of Release: 1985
Rating: PG
Genre: Documentary
Country: France
Awards Won: New York Film Critics Circle - Best Non-Fiction Film, BAFTA - Best Documentary, National Society of Film Critics - Best Non-Fiction Film, International Documentary Association - Best Documentary

Watch First Era, Watch Second Era
Adapted for Film from
Duration: 566 minutes

Show Notes

Favourite Quote: "If you lick my heart it would poison you."


Other Details

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Shoah: The Documentary Witness (Shoah (First Era Part One))

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