Sunday DVD Rental Suggestion (SDRSPodcast) 5: Old Boy

Year 1
Host: Chetrinity

Main Cast: Choi Min-sik, Oh Tae-kyung, Yoo Ji-tae, Yoo Yeon-seok, Kang Hye-jung, Ji Dae-han, Woo Il-han, Kim Byeong-ok, Yoon Jin-seo, Oh Dal-su
Director: Park Chan-wook
Cinematography: Chung Chung-hoon
Screenplay by: Hwang Jo-yun, Lim Jun-hyung, Park Chan-wook
Musical Score: Cho Young-wuk
Year of Release: 2003
Rating: 18
Genre: Neo-noir, Action, Thriller
Country: Korea
Awards Won: Best Film - Korean Film Awards
Budget: $3 million

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Adapted for Film from Old Boy written by Garon Tsuchiya and illustrated by Nobuaki Minegishi
Duration: 1hr 59 mins

Show Notes

Favourite Quote: "Revenge is good for your health"


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