Sunday DVD Rental Suggestion (SDRSPodcast) 70: Crossing Delancey

Year 2
Host: Chetrinity

Main Cast: Amy Irving, Peter Riegert, Reizl Bozyk, Jeroen Krabbé, Sylvia Miles, George Martin, John Bedford Lloyd, Claudia Silver, David Hyde Pierce, Rosemary Harris, Suzzy Roche, Amy Wright, Faye Grant, Deborah Offner, Kathleen Wilhoite, Moishe Rosenfeld, Paula Laurence, Christine Campbell, Reg E. Cathey, Susan Blommaert, Dolores Sutton, Sam Corsi, Michael Marisi Ornstein, Susan Sandler, Vincenzo Zafonte
Director: Joan Micklin Silver
Cinematography: Theo Van de Sande
Screenplay by: Susan Sandler
Musical Score: Paul Chihara, The Roches, Sergei Prokofiev
Year of Release: 1988
Rating: PG
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Country: USA
Awards Won:
Budget: $4 million

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Adapted for Film from the play Crossing Delancey by Susan Sandler
Duration: 1hr 36mins

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