Sunday DVD Rental Suggestion Podcast.
Year 1.

The first year of this podcast kicks off with a rated 18 anime TV show about a teenager with a baseball bat, who attacks the residents of Tokyo and a film about luck, how to preserve your own and steal other people’s.

Throughout the year you will become acquainted with several captivating characters, such as Dae-su Oh a drunken husband and father who is kidnapped off the streets of Seoul on a rainy day and held captive for 15 years for no apparent reason; only to be released suddenly and given 5 days to work out who ordered his imprisonment.

Before you reach the end of Year 1, you will have travelled to Japan, Spain, France, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, America, England, Ireland, and Korea; watched five trilogies’, a month of documentary films, a month of horror films, a month of films that use Christ mythology as a backdrop, a month of films staring Marilyn Monroe and a month of films staring Gael Garcia Bernal.

The SDRSPodcast is designed to help you discover the best films and TV shows to rent (or buy) regardless of your genre preference. Never again will you be disappointed by your rental choices. If a title is suggested by this podcast, it is safe to say that it stands head and shoulders above the rest. Those that are considered by mfr to be perfect in every way (script, cast, soundtrack etc.) are listed as being Masterpiece Editions. Those films that are sourced from literature are Adapted for Film (AFF) editions. Each podcast episode is clearly labelled as such along with our core theme definitions: TV show box sets (TV), Animation, Vintage and World Cinema (WC).

01: Year One: Introduction
02: Paranoia Agent (Anime/Masterpiece/TV/WC)
03: Intacto (WC)
04: La Noche de los Girasoles (The Night of the Sunflowers) (WC)
05: Old Boy (AFF/Masterpiece/WC)
06: Underworld Trilogy
07: Blade Trilogy
08: The Omen Trilogy (AFF/Vintage)
09: Haute tension (Switchblade Romance) (WC)
10: Communion (aka Alice Sweet Alice) (Masterpiece/Vintage)
11: Grey Gardens (Vintage)
12: Shoah (Masterpiece)
13: Man on Wire (AFF)
14: Estamira
15: Children of Men
16: The Da Vinci Code (AFF)
17: The Matrix Trilogy and the Animatrix
18: White Noise (AFF)
19: Hanzo The Razor (Vintage/WC)
20: Training Day
21: Bringing Out the Dead (Masterpiece)
22: 25th Hour (Masterpiece)
23: Don't Bother to Knock (Vintage)
24: Bus Stop (AFF/Vintage)
25: Let's Make Love (Vintage)
26: The Misfits (Vintage)
27: Marilyn and the Kennedys (Say Goodbye to the President) (TV)
28: Monster
29: Five Corners
30: Last Exit to Brooklyn (AFF)
31: HomeBoy
32: Minority Report (AFF)
33: Diarios de Motocicleta (The Motorcycle Diaries) (AFF/WC)
34: Amores Perros (Love's a Bitch) (Masterpiece/WC)
35: La Mala Educación (Bad Education) (WC)
36: Y Tu Mamá También (And Your Mother Too!) (WC)
37: The Magdalene Sisters
38: Sorry Wrong Number (Masterpiece/Vintage)
39: Gohatto (WC)
40: Manhattan Murder Mystery
41: The X-Files (Masterpiece/TV)
42: Year One: Outro

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