Sunday DVD Rental Suggestion Podcast.
Year 5.



The SDRSPodcast is designed to help you discover the best films and TV shows to rent (or buy) regardless of your genre preference. Never again will you be disappointed by your rental choices. If a title is suggested by this podcast, it is safe to say that it stands head and shoulders above the rest. Those that are considered by mfr to be perfect in every way (script, cast, soundtrack etc.) are listed as being Masterpiece Editions. Those films that are sourced from literature are Adapted for Film (AFF) editions. Each podcast episode is clearly labelled as such along with our core theme definitions: TV show box sets (TV), Animation, Vintage and World Cinema (WC).

130: Year Five: Inception
131: The Dark Knight Rises
132: Stir of Echoes
133: Hereafter
134: The Golden Girls
135: Poltergeist
136: The Devil's Rejects
137: Prometheus
138: The Adjustment Bureau
139: Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist
140: The X-Files - The Event Series
141: Year Five: Conclusion

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