Sunday DVD Rental Suggestion Podcast.
Year 6.



The SDRSPodcast is designed to help you discover the best films and TV shows to rent (or buy) regardless of your genre preference. Never again will you be disappointed by your rental choices. If a title is suggested by this podcast, it is safe to say that it stands head and shoulders above the rest. Those that are considered by mfr to be perfect in every way (script, cast, soundtrack etc.) are listed as being Masterpiece Editions. Those films that are sourced from literature are Adapted for Film (AFF) editions. Each podcast episode is clearly labelled as such along with our core theme definitions: TV show box sets (TV), Animation, Vintage and World Cinema (WC).

142: Year Six - Commencement
143: Cracks
144: Nightcrawler
145: Another Earth
146: Less Than Zero
147: An Education
148: Lawless
149: Fallen
150: The Bling Ring
151: Audrey Rose
152: Looper
153: What's Eating Gilbert Grape?
154: The Beach
155: The Departed
156: Blood Diamond
157: Body of Lies
158: Revolutionary Road
159: Shutter Island
160: J Edgar
161: The Great Gatsby
162: The Wolf of Wall Street
163: The Revenant
164: Struggle: The Life and Lost Art of Szukalski
165: 11th Hour
166: Year Six - Closure

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