English Language Cinema.

Montage Film Reviews (MFR) concentrates on Animation, World cinema (Non-English language), Television and Vintage (Pre 1980). Films that do not fall within these definitions are collected here:

Alexander Revisited: The Final Cut, 2007
Historical Revisionism and the Director's Vision: Oliver Stone's 'Alexander Revisited'

American Beauty, 1999
'Dysfunctional families and suburban illusions in ‘American Beauty’

Another Gay Sequel, 2008
“Back for More”

Bloody Moon, 1981
“Final Girl vs. Fornication: An analysis of three Slasher Movie conventions present in ‘Bloody Moon’”

Death of a President, 2006
'Claiming Authenticity: ‘Death of a President’

Dog Tags, 2008
'Endless Possibilities'

Dreamland, 2006
'The Poetry of the US Trailer Park'

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, 2004
'You Will Love the Memories'

Free Zone, 2005
“I’m starting to think I don’t belong anywhere”: Feminine identity in Free Zone”

Ginger Snaps, 2000
'Female Puberty, Sexuality and Bonding in ‘Ginger Snaps’'

Hatchet, 2006
'Hatchet: Old School American Horror Returns'

Hearts and Minds, 1974
'Savagery and Civilisation in ‘Hearts and Minds’'

He Got Game, 1998
'He Got Game, Then He Lost It'

Hollow Man, 2000
'The Postmodern Quality of Hollow Man'

Hopscotch, 1980
'‘Hopscotch’: An American James Bond?'

Itty Bitty Titty Committee, 2007
'The Failures of Filmic Feminists'

Last Exit to Brooklyn, 1989
'No Way Out'

Lilith, 2005
'Lilith: Demons and Desire'

Living In Oblivion, 1995
'The American Indie in Transition'

Lost In Translation, 2004
'Themes of Disassociation and Disconnection in Lost In Translation: Looking at the apparatus of loneliness using Zygmunt Bauman's 'Liquid Life' theory and Baudrillard's 'Simulacra and Simulacrum''

Man on Wire, 2008
'Optimism Creeps into the Last Days of the Documentary Boom'

Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont, 2005
'A Brief Encounter'

Near Dark, 1987
'Generic hybridity and family ties Kathryn Bigelow’s ‘Near Dark’'

9/11: The Falling Man, 2006
'‘The Falling Man’ and His Legacy; Documented in Part'

On the Black Hill, 1987
''On the Black Hill': The Importance of Family.'

Salvage (Gruesome), 2006
'Bleed Like Me'

Shoah, (First Era Part One) 1985
'Shoah: The Documentary Witness'

Short Cuts, 1993
'Going Nowhere: The Lack of Endings in Robert Altman's Short Cuts.'

Simon Magus, 1999
'Religion versus Commerce and other Moral and Cultural Conflicts in 'Simon Magus''

Star Trek: First Contact, 1996
'An Opposing Identity is Futile: A review of Star Trek: First Contact'

Sunshine 2007
'Science (versus) fiction: a dichotomy in Danny Boyle’s ‘Sunshine’

The Backwoods, 2007
'The Backwoods: Teenage Horror Seen Through Adult Eyes'

The Crying Game, 1992
'Britain´s Never What it Seems'

The Elephant Man, 1980
The Elephant Man: Body Landscapes and the internal/external equilibrium

The Fly, 1986
'The Tragedy of Mortality: Metamorphic Consequences in David Cronenberg’s The Fly'

The Good Night, 2007
'Visions of the Perfect Woman: ‘The Good Night’

The History Boys, 2006
'Characterisation in Alan Bennett’s ‘The History Boys’'

The Houseboy, 2007
'Growing Pains'

The Hudsucker Proxy, 1994
'Repackaging the Wheel in The Hudsucker Proxy'

The Living and the Dead, 2006
'Psychosis and Decay in the English Countryside'

The Nine Lives of Thomas Katz, 2000
'The expressionist and avant-garde apocalypse of London in The Nine Lives of Thomas Katz.'

The Thin Blue Line, 1988
'Elements of Noir: ‘The Thin Blue Line’

Thumbsucker, 2005
'Young Adults and Old Children in 'Thumbsucker''

Trading Places, 1983
'Trading Races'