Montage Film Reviews (MFR) launched in 2006 as a video podcast followed by a website that went live in March of 2007. This was an act of spontaneous creativity and no real business plan was in place. For many years it was a labour of love that provided opportunities for new graduates to publish their work and make contacts in the film industry.

In 2010 the Sunday DVD Rental Suggestion (SDRSPodcast), an audio podcast was launched intended as the name suggests to provide listeners with the best rental suggestions, whatever their genre preference. Again, this was a spontaneous labour of love with no real direction. Recorded on cheap equipment resulting in poor sound quality, the idea was simply to do the best you can with what you have.

In 2020 the SDRSPodcast returned to the airwaves after a three-year sabbatical, accompanied by a revamped website and a vision for the future. Here we go again, bigger and better than ever!